Wat Thammikarat was built in the Ayutthaya period by Phraya Thammikarat, a son of King Sainam Phung. Its chedi is surrounded by lion statues. Construction on Wat Phra Ram started in 1369 by king Ramesuan. Wat Chai Wattanaram was built in 1629 by King Prasat Tong, a commoner who overthrew the previous king. Its main prang is on an elevated terrace in the middle of a courtyard. Not much is left of Wat Lokaya Sutha except a 42m statue of a reclining Buddha. Wat Phu Khao Thong was built by the Burmese king Burengnong in 1549 after he conquered Ayutthaya. Wat Phanan Choeng is a restored wat which cannot be precisely dated.
01 Wat Thammikarat 02 Wat Thammikarat 03 Elephants near Wat Phra Ram 04 Wat Phra Ram 05 Wat Phra Ram 06 Wat Phra Ram
07 Wat Phra Ram 08 Elephants near Wat Phra Ram 09 Elephants near Wat Phra Ram 10 Wat Chai Wattanaram 11 Wat Chai Wattanaram
12 Wat Chai Wattanaram 13 Wat Chai Wattanaram 14 Wat Chai Wattanaram 15 Feet of reclining Buddha in Wat Lokaya Sutha 16 Reclining Buddha in Wat Lokaya Sutha
17 Wat Lokaya Sutha 18 Wat Lokaya Sutha 19 Wat Phu Khao Thong 20 Wat Phu Khao Thong 21 Wat Phu Khao Thong 22 Wat Phanan Choeng
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