Troms is a former county in northern Norway. It is located along the coast, north of the Arctic Circle and has a total area of 25877 km². It extends for about 250km from northeast to southwest and is centered around Tromsø. The region is mostly montainous, with the highest peak being the Jiekkevarre with a height of 1833m. Spread all over the county are several glaciers of which Øksfjordjøkelen extends down to sea level. The coastline is very rugged and indented, with many long fjords extending deep into the territory. The summers are short and fresh, but the winters are relatively mild due to the Gulf Stream. The population density is low: the entire county has only 166000 inhabitants.
How to get to Troms
The region can be reached by car, plane (there are airports in some urban centres) and by boat.
Accomodation options include hotels (in the urban centres or the countryside) and campings. It's also possible to book accomodation with private indidivuals using AirBnB.
01 E6 road near Alta 02 Kåfjord 03 Kafjord
04 E6 bridge over Strommen 05 Mountains near Kåfjord 06 Langfjord
07 Langfjord 08 Antlers 09 Antlers
10 Sami souvenir shop 11 Sami souvenir shop 12 Snow-covered Troms mountains 13 E6 road near Langfjordbotn
14 Mountains near Langfjordbotn 15 Mountains near Langfjordbotn 16 Reindeer 17 E6 road in Kvaenangen
18 Kvaenangen mountains 19 E6 road in Kvaenangen 20 E6 road in Kvaenangen
21 Kvaenangen fjord
22 Kvaenangen fjord 23 Gildetun hotel
24 Kvaenangen mountains 25 Extra supermarket in Storslett 26 Lyngen fjord
27 Beach in Lyngen fjord 28 Lyngen alps 29 Langnes bay
30 Lyngen fjord in Elsnes 31 Lyngen alps
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