From Kaupanger the road crosses a tunnel and reaches the ferry terminal in Mannheller, where there are car ferries across the Sognefjord to Fodnes. Ferries run every 30 minutes and take about 15 minutes to cross the Sognefjord.
From Fodnes it's a 36km drive along the Lærdal valley to the Borgund stave church. This is a black wooden church, originally built between 1180 and 1250. The Borgund stave church is very well preserved and is dedicated to St Andrew. Nowadays it is used as a museum.
Near the church there is Vindhellavegen, a section of the Kongevegen which connects Lærdal with Fagernes. This consists of a number of serpentines with stone walls.
The Laerdal tunnel is 24.51km long and connects the Laerdal valley with Aurland, a small city on the Aurlandsfjord, a side fjord of the Sognefjord. The main reason to come here is to take the road to the Stegastein viewpoint. The road to Stegastein is very narrow, in some sections wide enough for only one car. From the viewpoint at 650m of altitude there is a platform with nice views of the Aurlandsfjord.
01 Amla tunnel in Mannheller 02 Amla tunnel in Mannheller 03 Mannheller ferry terminal 04 Mannheller-Fodnes car ferry 05 Sognefjord
06 Mannheller ferry terminal 07 Sognefjord 08 Sognefjord 09 Sognefjord
10 Mannheller-Fodnes car ferry 11 Mannheller-Fodnes car ferry 12 Mannheller-Fodnes car ferry 13 Mannheller-Fodnes car ferry
14 Laerdal valley in Hodndalen 15 Laerdal valley in Hodndalen 16 Cows grazing in Laerdal valley 17 Narekista stone 18 Borgund stave church
19 Borgund stave church 20 Borgund stave church 21 Borgund stave church 22 Borgund stave church 23 Borgund stave church
24 Borgund stave church 25 Vindhellavegen 26 Vindhellavegen 27 Vindhellavegen
28 Vindhellavegen 29 Vindhellavegen 30 Vindhellavegen 31 Vindhellavegen
32 Vindhellavegen 33 Vindhellavegen 34 Vindhellavegen 35 Vindhellavegen 36 Vindhellavegen
37 Vindhellavegen 38 Laerdal tunnel 39 Laerdal tunnel 40 Laerdal tunnel
41 Aurland 42 Aurland church 43 Aurland church 44 Aurland kommune 45 Cars stuck on narrow Aurland-Stegastein road
46 Stegastein viewpoint 47 Stegastein viewpoint 48 Aurlandsfjord 49 Aurlandsfjord 50 Aurland
51 Aurlandsfjord 52 Aurlandsfjord 53 Aurlandsfjord 54 Stegastein parking
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