The Vesterålen islands are an archipelago of islands located in northern Norway, north of the Lofoten islands. The main islands of this island group are Langøya, Hinnøya, Andøya and Hadseløya. In total the islands have an area of 2511 km² and a population of over 30000 inhabitants. The scenery, although not as impressive as that of the Lofoten islands, is nevertheless very nice and consists of mountains, white sand beaches and bays.
To the north, the island of Andøya extends for 57km from northeast to southwest. At the northern tip the city of Andenes has ferry connections to the Senja island. Along the northwestern coast there are several white sand beaches, for instance the Bleik and Stave ones.
Hinnøya is the largest of the Vesterålen islands and is sandwiched between the mainland and the other islands. The village of Nyksund on Langøya island was abandoned in the 1970 and is now inhabited by a community of artists.
Overall the Vesterålen islands are less touristy than the nearby Lofoten islands.
How to get to the Vesterålen islands
There are some airports on and near the islands. In addition, the Vesterålen islands can be reached by car or ferry.
There is a number of accomodation options, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Andenes harbour breakwater 02 Andenes harbour 03 Andenes harbour breakwater 04 Bunnpris supermarket
05 Coastal mountains in northern Andoya 06 Sandy beach in northern Andoya 07 Coastal mountains in northern Andoya
08 Coastal road in Kleivodden 09 Northern coast of Andoya 10 Northern coast of Andoya 11 Rocky mountain on Andoya northern coast
12 Rocky mountain on Andoya northern coast 13 Bleik beach and coastal mountains
14 Bleik sandy beach in Andoya 15 Bleik beach and coastal mountains
16 Bleik sandy beach 17 Bleik sandy beach in Andoya
18 Bleik sandy beach in Andoya 19 Tent on Bleik beach 20 Coast in Bleik 21 Beach grass on Andoya 22 Beach grass on Andoya
23 Trail to Bleik beach 24 Trail to Bleik beach 25 Stave beach 26 Stave beach on Andoya
27 Stave beach 28 Nordmela village 29 Nordmela village on Andoya 30 Beaches near Nordmela
31 Houses in Nordmela 32 Western coast cliffs on Andoya 33 Western coast of Andoya 34 Western coast of Andoya
35 Western coast of Andoya 36 Bjorndalsfjorden on Langoya
37 Steinlandsfjorden in Langoya 38 Steinlandsfjorden in Langoya 39 Steinlandsfjorden in Langoya
40 Supermarket in Myre, Langoya 41 Northwestern coast of Langoya 42 Northwestern coast of Langoya 43 Langoya coastal road
44 Nyksund village on Langoya 45 Nyksund village on Langoya
46 Nyksund bay on Langoya 47 Nyksund bay on Langoya 48 Nyksund bay on Langoya
49 Seawater in Nyksund 50 Nyksund 51 Nyksund 52 Nyksund 53 Nyksund bay on Langoya
54 Mountain in northern Langoya 55 Langoya northwestern coast 56 Sortland bridge between Hinnoya and Langoya
57 Sortland bridge between Hinnoya and Langoya 58 Farm near Sortland 59 Gullesfjord in Hynnoya
60 Gullesfjord in Hynnoya 61 Gullesfjord in Hynnoya
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