15km to the southeast of Kuala Terengganu, 5km off the coast, lies the small island of Pulau Kapas. The island extends for about 3km from north to south. On the western coast there is a series of bays and sandy, coconut palm fringed beaches with several resorts, most of them in a moderate price range. The beaches are all connected by staircases and paths and consist of white coral sand. The seawater is reasonably clear, although not as crystal clear as other east coast islands, because Pulau Kapas lies too close to the mainland. Nevertheless Kapas offers good snorkelling and diving possibilities. Near the northern tip of Pulau Kapas lies the very small island of Pulau Gemia, on which there is just one resort. Pulau Kapas is a more laid back and less busy alternative to Perhentian island, although it does not have the wild and breathtaking beauty of Perhentian island. To get to Kapas, one has to first get to the small city of Marang, and from there take a 15 minutes boat ride. The boats do not all arrive at the jetty of Pulau Kapas, which means that, depending on the arrival point, tourists have to wade the last few metres through the water to get ashore.
01 Beach and resort 02 Beach 03 Beach 04 Beach
05 Beach 06 Canoes and volleyball net on beach 07 Tourists relaxing at beach cafe 08 Beach 09 Beach
10 Beach 11 Beach and coconut palm trees
12 Beach 13 Pulau Gemia island 14 Kapas beach and Gemia island
15 Staircases on the rocks 16 Beach and boulders 17 Beach 18 Beach with coconut palms 19 Beach
20 Beach 21 Beach and jetty 22 Beach 23 Tourists walking on beach
24 Solar power station 25 Beach volleyball 26 Beach with palm trees 27 Sea view towards east
28 Beach 29 Beach 30 Seawater and fish 31 Boats anchored at jetty
32 Beach and boat 33 Beach and sea 34 Beach and sea
35 View of Malaysian coast 36 Tourists canoeing 37 Rocks and beach
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