Kota Bharu is the capital of the Malaysian state of Kelantan, which lies at the northern end of peninsular Malaysia's east coast and borders Thailand. Kelantan is the most Islamic of the Malaysian states and you will quickly notice that by the way people dress on the street. Kota Bharu is a large city with almost half a million inhabitants. While the city centre is pleasant and Kota Bharu has an interesting night market, from a tourist perspective Kota Bharu is primarily the access point to the nearby Perhentian islands (accessible via taxi to Kuala Besut + ferry). Kota Bharu is serviced by Sultan Ismail Petra Airport (IATA: KBR), which has connections to several Malaysian cities and Singapore.
01 Main road 02 Bank Islam building 03 Bank Islam building 04 Near the bus station 05 Resting place for ladies only
06 Lady with Islamic dress 07 Pedestrian area 08 Local ladies with Islamic dress 09 Resting place 10 Downtown view with telecommunication towers
11 Downtown area with palm trees 12 Flower 13 Downtown area with palm trees 14 Downtown area with palm trees 15 Downtown area with palm trees
16 Trishaw drivers 17 Trishaw driver 18 Bus station 19 Kelantan ladies with Islamic dress 20 People boarding the bus
21 Telecommunication towers 22 Sultan Ismail Petra Arch 23 Al-Ismaili mosque 24 Al-Ismaili mosque
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