The Kenyir lake lies in the Malaysian state of Terengganu, about 50km from the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. It's an artificial lake, formed in 1988 when the Kenyir river was dammed. With an area of 260 kmĀ² and 340 islands it's one of the largest lakes in southeast Asia. The lake is surrounded by tropical rainforest and borders the Taman Negara national park in the south.
It is possible to do tours on the Kenyir lake, either by chartering a boat for a few hours or by renting a large houseboat. A number of tourist attractions have been set up near the main access point along the eastern coast: an elephant conservation village, a water park, a botanical garden and a butterfly park. Around the Kenyir lake there are also 14 waterfalls.
How to get to the Kenyir lake
The easiest way to reach the Kenyir lake is by car. The lake is 55km from Kuala Terengganu. The road continues to Gua Musang.
There is not much Accommodation directly on the lake, although a resort is under construction on Pulau Poh island. The closest city with more Accommodation choice is Kuala Berang.
01 Kuala Berang 02 Kenyir information centre 03 Houseboats
04 Kenyir lake panorama view
05 Kenyir lake 06 Houseboats 07 Pulau Poh island resort
08 Kenyir water park
09 Kenyir lake 10 Tourist boat
11 Tourist boat 12 Tourist boat 13 Jetty 14 Palm trees
15 Coconut palm trees 16 Coconut palm trees 17 Palm trees 18 Kenyir lake
19 Tourist boat 20 Tropical rainforest 21 Tropical rainforest 22 Tropical rainforest in Kenyir lake
23 Tourist boat 24 Kenyir lake 25 Botanical garden 26 Ficus deltoidea 27 Botanical garden
28 Path in botanical garden 29 Kenyir lake 30 Labisia pumila 31 Phaleria macrocarpa 32 Phaleria macrocarpa
33 Butterfly farm 34 Butterfly farm 35 Butterfly
36 Butterfly 37 Butterfly 38 Butterfly 39 Butterfly feeding on fruits
40 Orchid farm 41 Orchid farm 42 Orchid farm 43 Kenyir lake 44 Tropical rainforest
45 Kenyir lake 46 Road north of Kenyir lake
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