Hévíz is a Hungarian town not far from lake Balaton, centered around lake Hévíz, the world’s second-largest thermal lake.
This lake receives 40°C hot water from a underground spring, which results in a lake water temperature at the surface of 24°C in winter and up to 37°C in summer. The Hévíz lake never freezes and it is in fact possible to swim in it in the winter.
Around the lake a spa has been set up with changing rooms, showers, saunas and a multitude of services. This spa has triggered the growth of the city of Hévíz from a small village to a large tourist centre.
Hévíz is a pleasant resort city with pedestrian areas, shops, restaurants and green areas. It has no natural or historic sights and people come here essentially only to use the Hévíz spa.
How to get to Hévíz
Hévíz has no own airport or train station, and can in fact only be reached by bus or car.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Parking of Heviz spa 02 Heviz spa and lake 03 Heviz spa
04 Park of Heviz spa 05 Heviz spa 06 Park of Heviz spa 07 Church of the Holy Spirit 08 Fountain with naked woman statue 09 Church of the Holy Spirit
10 Church of the Holy Spirit 11 Flowers 12 Flowers 13 Red flowers 14 Church of the Holy Spirit
15 Gyula Illyes elementary school 16 Gyula Illyes elementary school 17 Church of the Holy Spirit 18 Church of the Holy Spirit
19 Heviz lake 20 Heviz lake
21 Heviz spa 22 Heviz spa 23 Heviz medicinal bath 24 Heviz spa main entrance
25 Park of Heviz spa 26 Park of Heviz spa 27 Park of Heviz spa 28 Museum 29 Mural basrelief
30 Pedestrian area 31 Yellow tulips 32 White tulips
33 Stalls on market square 34 Stalls on market square 35 Pedestrian area 36 Pedestrian area
37 Kurtoskalacs spit cake
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