With an area of 820 km² the Hortobagy national park (Hortobágyi nemzeti park in Hungarian) is the largest national park in Hungary. It is located in the Puszta plains of eastern Hungary, about 40km west of Debrecen. The park was founded in 1973 and initially covered an area of 520 km², which were later expanded to 820 km². It has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999.
Hortobagy consists mainly of grasslands without trees and an alkaline soil. This steppe area was formed about 10000 years ago when the Tisza river changed its course.
The park is used by Hungarian herdsmen called Csikós to grow herds of Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep, water buffaloes and horses.
The main tourist access point lies near the village of Hortobagy. It is possible to arrange trips on horse carriages through the park which include equestrian shows of Hungarian riders.
How to get to the Hortobagy national park
The park can be reached by car from Debrecen. The village of Hortobagy has a train station with connections to Budapest and Debrecen.
There are a couple of hotels in the village of Hortobagy. The city of Debrecen has several accomodation options, bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Hortobagy cemetery 02 Funeral home 03 Hortobagy park headquarter
04 Stud farm 05 Horse riding lesson 06 Horse riding lesson
07 Horse riding lesson 08 Puszta plains 09 Hortobagy national park 10 Tourists waiting for the horse carriages
11 Hortobagy national park 12 Racka sheep 13 Farmer house 14 Reed roof 15 Hungarian horsemen show
16 Hungarian horsemen show 17 Hungarian horsemen show 18 Hungarian horsemen show 19 Hungarian horsemen standing on horses 20 Hungarian horsemen standing on horses
21 Hungarian csikos standing on horses 22 Hungarian horseman 23 Hungarian horseman 24 Hortobagy national park 25 Farm in Hortobagy national park
26 Farm in Hortobagy national park 27 Hungarian horsemen 28 Hungarian horseman 29 Hungarian horseman 30 Hungarian horseman
31 Farm in Hortobagy national park 32 Farm in Hortobagy national park 33 Puszta plains 34 Hortobagy national park
35 Farm in Hortobagy national park 36 Hungarian grey cattle 37 Hungarian grey cattle herd 38 Hungarian grey cattle
39 Hungarian grey cattle herd 40 Hungarian grey cattle herd 41 Hungarian grey cattle 42 Herdsman with dogs
43 Herdsman with dogs 44 Hungarian grey cattle 45 Hungarian grey cattle 46 Hungarian grey cattle herd
47 Hortobagy national park 48 Horses in Hortobagy 49 Horse carriage with tourists 50 Horse carriage with tourists
51 Water buffaloes 52 Herd of water buffaloes 53 Herd of water buffaloes 54 Herd of water buffaloes
55 Water buffaloes 56 Grazing water buffalo 57 Water buffaloes 58 Puszta plains
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