Lake Neusiedl (Fertő tó in Hungarian) is a big lake with a surface of 315 km² at the border between Austria and Hungary. The lake is not very deep: the maximum depth is 1.8m, the average depth is just 1m. Because of this the Neusiedl lake over the course of time has dried up completely a number of times. In fact its surface area can change over time, depending on how much rain falls. The lake is surrounded by national parks both on the Austrian and Hungarian sides and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2001.
01 Harbour 02 Reed roof houses 03 Reed roof house
04 Reed roof house 05 Reed roof house 06 Reed roof house
07 Lake Neusiedl 08 Lake Neusiedl
09 Lake Neusiedl 10 Lake Neusiedl
11 Reed on lake Neusiedl 12 Reed on lake Neusiedl
13 Reed on lake Neusiedl
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