Eger is a small city of 53000 inhabitants, located in the hills of the Bükk mountains of northern Hungary, about 120km northeast of Budapest. It has a large, historic castle (which is the main reason to visit this city) as well as a pretty historic core, with many buildings in Baroque style. The castle was built in the 13th century after the Mongol invasion.
The area around Eger has been settled since prehistoric times, and the actual city dates back to the 10th century. Eger suffered with the Mongol invasion of 1241, but grew again after that. In autumn 1552 the city withstood an Ottoman siege under the leadership of István Dobó. Between 1596 and 1687 Eger was under Ottoman rule. In the 18th century Eger became part of the Habsburg empire and prospered.
Both the castle and the historic core of Eger are nicely restaurated and receive a lot of tourists in the summer.
How to get to Eger
There is no airport in Eger and the only way to reach the city is by car, bus or train.
There are a number of hotels and pensions, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Eger tribunal 02 Park 03 Park 04 City hall 05 Dobo Istvan square
06 Minorite church 07 Minorite church interior 08 Minorite church interior 09 Dobo Istvan square 10 Istvan Dobo statue 11 Istvan Dobo statue
12 Offi Haz hotel 13 Offi Haz hotel 14 Restaurants in Eger 15 Restaurants in Eger 16 Dobo Istvan street and pedestrian area
17 Chocolate and wine shop 18 Dobo Istvan street and pedestrian area 19 Dobo Istvan street and pedestrian area 20 Dobo Istvan street and pedestrian area 21 Souvenir shop
22 Musician statue 23 Musician statue 24 Path to Eger castle 25 Path to Eger castle
26 Eger castle 27 Eger castle 28 Siege of Eger bronze bas-relief 29 Eger castle 30 Panoramic view of Eger
31 Minorite church 32 Panoramic view of Eger 33 Eger 34 Panoramic wheel
35 Eger castle 36 Eger castle 37 Dobo Istvan square
38 Eger castle inner court 39 Panoramic wheel 40 Minorite church 41 Minorite church
42 City hall 43 Archiepiscopal palace 44 Karoly Eszterhazy university lyceum
45 Karoly Eszterhazy university lyceum 46 Agria park shopping mall
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