Algiers (الجزائر‎ in Arabic) is the capital and with 3.5 million inhabitants the largest city of Algeria. It extends for 20-30 km along the Mediterranean coast. The internatiuonal airport in the east of Algiers is 18km southeast of the Casbah, the historic centre of Algiers which was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992. The Casbah and the adjacent colonial area with the Neoclassical buildings contain most of the touristic highlights of Algiers. There are a number of mosques and other old buildings. The Notre Dame d'Afrique basilica is on a hill west of Algiers and offers good views of the Casbah.
The Martyrs' memorial is an impressive monument dedicated to those who died in the Algerian war of independence. It was opened in 1982 and is 92m tall. For a large city as Algiers, there are very few modern, international level shopping malls. Currently the Great Mosque of Algiers is being built.
How to get to Algiers
It is possible to reach Algeria from abroad by plane or ferry. Algiers has a train station with trains to a number of cities in Algeria. It is well connected to the Algeria road network.
Hotels are available in Algiers. Many are bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Omar Hamadi sports stadium 02 Notre-Dame d'Afrique basilica 03 Our Lady of Africa basilica 04 Notre-Dame d'Afrique basilica
05 Dome of Notre-Dame d'Afrique basilica 06 Our Lady of Africa basilica 07 Algiers coastline
08 Bay of Algiers 09 Notre-Dame d'Afrique basilica 10 Our Lady of Africa cathedral
11 Casbah coastal road and harbour 12 Ferry terminal
13 Martyrs square 14 Martyrs square
15 Dates 16 Dates 17 Dates shop 18 Ketchaoua mosque 19 Ketchaoua mosque 20 El Jedid mosque
21 Ketchaoua mosque 22 Ketchaoua mosque 23 Minaret of Ketchaoua mosque 24 Casbah 25 Martyrs square metro station 26 Colonial era building
27 Palais des Rais - Bastion 23 28 Beach 29 El Jedid mosque
30 Algiers metro escalator 31 Algiers metro escalator 32 Algiers metro 33 Grande Poste office
34 Grande Poste office 35 Grande Poste office 36 New post office building 37 New post office building 38 Pedestrian area near Tafourah
39 Algiers coastline
40 Algiers coastline 41 Martyrs memorial
42 Martyrs memorial 43 Martyrs memorial 44 Martyrs memorial 45 Martyrs memorial 46 Martyrs memorial
47 Martyrs memorial 48 Algiers
49 Algiers harbour
50 Algiers harbour
51 Algiers harbour 52 Cable car
53 El Jedid mosque at night 54 Ketchaoua mosque at night 55 Ketchaoua mosque at night 56 Casbah fast food restaurant 57 Food court in Bab Ezzouar shopping mall
58 Bab Ezzouar shopping mall 59 Ardis shopping mall
60 Great Mosque of Algiers 61 Great Mosque of Algiers 62 Djamaa el Djazair mosque 63 Great Mosque of Algiers
64 Monumental arch 65 Metro station 66 Martyrs square 67 El Jedid mosque
68 El Jedid mosque 69 Martyrs square 70 Casbah coastal street 71 Staircase to martyrs square 72 Marhaba restaurant hostel in the casbah 73 Old buildings in casbah
74 Casbah 75 Casbah 76 Old buildings in casbah 77 National museum of popular arts and traditions 78 National museum of popular arts and traditions
79 National museum of popular arts and traditions 80 National museum of popular arts and traditions 81 National museum of popular arts and traditions 82 National museum of popular arts and traditions 83 Algiers airport
84 Houari Boumediene airport 85 Algiers airport
86 Houari Boumediene airport 87 Boarding the Alitalia plane
88 Algiers airport
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