Along the mediterranean coast, 60km west of Algiers, lie the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Tipasa. This is one of the most significant and beautiful Roman archaeological sites in Algeria. The ruins are in a gorgeous setting in a park along the rocky coast and extend for 2-3 km from west to east, although the actual archaeological park is spread around a bay over a distance of less than 1 km. The ruins are embedded in a maritime forest of pine trees and date back to ancient Punic times.
In the 2nd century BC Tipasa was conquered by Rome. The Romans surrounded Tipasa with a 2200m long and 8m high wall. During the Roman period Tipasa was a significant Roman colony in northern Africa. The Vandals destroyed Tipasa in 430 AD. Tipasa has been a UNESCO World heritage site since 2002.
How to get to Tipasa
Tipasa is about 60km west of Algiers and can be easily reached either by car or shared taxi from Algiers
There are a few hotels (bookable via the international booking portals) in or around Tipasa. In practice however most tourists choose to stay in Algiers and visit Tipasa on day trips from Algiers.
01 Fields near Tipasa 02 Road to Tipasa
03 Mt Chenoua 04 Amphitheatre
05 Cardo maximus street 06 Roman ruins 07 Temple ruins
08 Roman temple 09 Cardo maximus street
10 Cardo maximus street 11 Western park
12 Western park 13 Western park 14 Villa of frescoes
15 Bay of Tipasa 16 Christian basilica 17 Christian basilica
18 Christian basilica and circular mausoleum 19 Tipasa archaeological site
20 Western park 21 Tipasa ruins
22 Tipasa bay 23 Tipasa bay
24 Tipasa bay 25 Theatre 26 Theatre
27 Nymphaeum 28 Nymphaeum 29 Vulture
30 Vulture 31 Nour el Islam mosque
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