The Beni Add caves are located in the mountains southeast of Tlemcen, about 20km from the city. The caves are at an altitude of 1000m. There is a large parking for the cars, from which visitors reach the caves after walking past souvenir stalls.
From the gate a staircase leads into the caves up to a depth of 57m. Visitors walk along a paved trail with railings for about 700m into the mountain.
The cave complex is huge, consisting of several interconnected chambers, full of stalagmites, stalactites and other rock formations. The cave interior is illuminated with lamps in different colours.
How to get to the Beni Add caves
The caves can be easily reached by car (30 minutes) from Tlemcen.
There is no accomodation at the caves. Visitors usually stay in Tlemcen.
01 Parking 02 Towards the caves 03 Stalactites 04 Flowstones
05 Flowstones 06 Flowstone rock formation 07 Limestone rock formation 08 Limestone rock formation 09 Illuminated rock formation
10 Beni Add cave 11 Path with railings 12 Illuminated rock formation 13 People walking in Beni Add cave
14 Path through first chamber 15 Beni Add cave 16 Secondary chamber
17 Beni Add cave 18 Limestone rock formations 19 Beni Add cave 20 Stalagmites 21 Beni Add cave
22 Beni Add cave 23 Beni Add cave 24 Flowstone drapery 25 Flowstone drapery 26 Flowstone drapery
27 Main chamber 28 Stalactites 29 Stalactites 30 Main chamber
31 Main chamber
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