Ain Sefra (also spelled as Aïn Séfra or عين الصفراء in Arabic) is a small city of 35000 inhabitants. It is located roughly half-way between Bechar and Tlemcen, at the border to the Sahara desert, at an altitude of 1000m. Here is where Isabelle Eberhardt, the 19th century Swiss explorer, died in a flash flood in 1904.
In Aïn Séfra there is not too much to see, but the sand dunes south of the city are nice and worth exploring for a few hours.
How to get to Ain Sefra
From Bechar it takes a bit over three hours to reach Ain Sefra by car, driving on a good, motorway-like road. From Tlemcen it takes hour hours by car to reach Ain Sefra. There is also a train station with trains to Oran (six hours).
There is just one hotel in Ain Sefra - Hotel Mekther (phone +213 49 76 14 17).
01 Open air market 02 Ain Sefra 03 Open air market 04 Market
05 Post office 06 Yellow post office 07 Eucalyptus tree
08 Ain Sefra valley 09 Ripple patterns in sand
10 Sand dunes near Ain Sefra
11 Ain Sefra and Sahara desert 12 Sand dunes
13 Sahara desert 14 Bushes on sand dunes 15 Orange sand dunes
16 Ripple patterns in sand 17 Sand dunes 18 Sand dunes
19 Sahara desert
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