The Udawalawe national park is a national park in the south of Sri Lanka. It was created in 1972 when the Udawalawe dam was completed and related area was flooded, as a place where to give shelter to the wildlife. The park has an area of 308 kmĀ² and consists mostly of plains covered by grass. The park is located 165km southeast of Colombo. Inside the park there are over 600 Sri Lankan elephants as well as other large mammals and several species of birds and reptiles.
Visitors to the park must use one of the authorised jeeps. These are large, open air cars where tourists sit on a chair in the back and can observe the animals. A jeep costs LKR 3500 for two hours. Foreigners pay a LKR 5025 entrance fee. The tour across the park usually involves a loop starting at the park entrance and proceeding northeast until the Mau Ara reservoir and back.
How to get to the Udawalawe national park
The Udawalawe national park is accessible by road, either by bus or by car. Inside the park visitors may only move with the park jeeps
There is no accomodation inside the park. South of the park there are several hotels and guesthouses along the road.
01 Tourist jeep 02 Road to Uda Walawa national park 03 Tourist jeeps at park checkpoint 04 Mud track inisde park
05 Tourist jeeps 06 Asian elephants 07 Elephant couple 08 Elephant couple
09 Elephant couple 10 Sri Lankan elephant 11 Asian elephants 12 Asian elephants 13 Group of elephants
14 Elephants near watering hole 15 Group of elephants 16 Elephants near watering hole 17 Group of elephants
18 Peacock 19 Mud track 20 Small lake 21 Small lake
22 Small lake 23 Black-winged stilts 24 Bird nest 25 Tourist jeeps and tourists
26 Udawalawe national park 27 White heron 28 Ibis
29 White heron 30 Elephant 31 Elephant 32 Safari jeep 33 Water buffaloes
34 Water buffalo grazing 35 Water buffaloes
36 Udawalawe national park
37 Mau Ara reservoir 38 Crocodile
39 Mau Ara reservoir 40 Crocodile
41 Crocodile 42 Lake with dead trees 43 Safari jeeps 44 Elephant
45 Elephant and tourist jeep 46 Elephant and tourist jeep 47 Mongoose 48 Mongoose 49 Mongoose
50 Elephant 51 Sunset
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