Galle is a small city of 100000 inhabitants in Sri Lanka, lying along its southern coast, not far from the southern tip of Sri Lanka. It has an own natural harbour, consisting of a large bay bordered by a promontory to the west. Galle has been settled since prehistoric times and has been a major seaport over its history. Europeans first arrived in 1502 when the Portuguese set up a colony and trading post. In 1640 the Dutch took over Galle and kept it until 1796, when they were replaced by the British.
The historic centre of Galle is the Galle fort. This is located on the promontory west of the bay and is full of colonial era buildings from the past five centuries. The fort is surrounded by a ring of walls. Inside there are several churches, mostly from the Dutch and British periods. The entire old town is a tourist area with a large number of restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops.
The Galle fort has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988.
How to get to Galle
Galle can be reached from Colombo by road (2 hours) or by train.
There is a large number of hotels and guesthouses inside the Galle fort. Most are bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Black bird 02 Galle fort 03 Dutch reformed church 04 Dutch reformed church
05 Dutch tombstone 06 Dutch tombstone 07 Dutch and All Saints churches 08 Colourful pottery 09 Arabic college 10 The Heritage cafe bistro
11 Ceylon spa boutique 12 Street in Galle fort at night 13 Street in Galle fort at night 14 Wooden sculpture faces 15 The Fort Printers hotel
16 The Fort Printers hotel 17 Punto cafe restaurant 18 Street in Galle fort at night 19 Coffee shop
20 Old Dutch hospital 21 Colonnade 22 Police barracks 23 Court square at night
24 Old gate 25 Street 26 Palm trees 27 Tourists walking on city walls 28 Tourists walking to flag rock
29 Flag rock viewpoint 30 Flag rock 31 Galle fort
32 Sea rocks 33 Sea rocks 34 Lighthouse 35 Flag rock viewpoint 36 Galle fort walls
37 Meeran Jumma mosque 38 Meeran Jumma mosque 39 Galle fort walls
40 Beach 41 Sri Lankan people swimming in the sea 42 Lighthouse 43 Colonnade 44 Court square
45 All Saints church 46 Clock tower 47 Tourists walking on city walls
48 Church and Lighthouse streets 49 Grass-clad walls of Galle fort
50 Methodist church 51 Rickshaws 52 Galle fort walls
53 Rampart street 54 Galle fort walls
55 Galle fort wall 56 Street in Galle fort 57 Street in Galle fort
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