South Asia consists of the Indian subcontinent and the adjoining countries on the west and the east. It includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. South Asia is home to well over one fifth of the world's population, making it both the most populous and most densely populated geographical region in the world. The prodominant religions in this region are Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The economy of South Asia overall is less developed than the economy of East or Southeast Asia, but is growing rapidly in India. South Asia is home to some of the oldest civilisations in the world and has a large number of historical sites and a rich cultural heritage.
India photo gallery  - 835 pictures of India
Iran photo gallery  - 1649 pictures of Iran
Nepal photo gallery  - 296 pictures of Nepal
835 photos of Delhi, Rajasthan, the Sariska Tiger Reserve, the Thar desert, Uttar Pradesh and Amritsar
1649 photos of Iran, a large country in southwest Asia
296 photos of the Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, the Annapurna range and the Chitwan national park
Sri Lanka photo gallery  - 210 pictures of Sri Lanka
210 photos of Sri Lanka, a small Buddhist country on an island south of India
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