Colombo is the capital and with 750000 inhabitants the largest city of Sri Lanka. It is located in the plains on the southwestern coast of the island. Colombo is the main access point to Sri Lanka for international travellers. The city itself is not terribly interesting from a tourist perspective, although it is possible to spend half a day or even a day visiting it. The main problem is the lack of an interesting historic centre with old buildings. A historic centre does exist, but it is not well accessible (some parts are restricted), some old buildings have been dismantled and there few interesting sights.
Colombo has been settled for at least 2000 years, mainly because of its natural harbour. The Europeans started arriving at the beginning of the 16th century. Initially the Portuguese arrived, followed by the Dutch and finally the English, who captured the city in 1796.
How to get to Colombo
Colombo is easily accessible by plane due to its international airport.
There are several hotels, most bookable via the international booking portals or directly on the hotel websites.
01 Golden Buddha statue 02 Seema Malakaya Buddhist temple 03 Golden Buddha statues 04 Guanyin statue 05 Guanyin statue
06 Golden Buddha statues 07 Reclining Buddha statue 08 Reclining Buddha statue 09 Buddha statues
10 Seema Malakaya Buddhist temple 11 Buddhist stupa 12 Seema Malakaya Buddhist temple 13 Buddha statues 14 Colombo City Centre shopping mall
15 Colombo City Centre shopping mall 16 Colonnade in Chatham street 17 Elephant head statue 18 Lloyds and Whiteways buildings
19 Whiteaways building 20 Lankem plantation house 21 Lighthouse clock tower 22 Lotus tower 23 Lotus tower
24 Lotus tower
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