The Long Market and Dluga pedestrian areas have some of the more interesting architecture of the city. The Ulica Długa street is a long pedestrian area with historic houses on both sides, extending from the Golden gate to the Green gate. The Long Market (Długi Targ) is a long medieval market square with some touristic highlights: the town hall, the Neptune fountain, Artus Court and the Speymann house.
01 Town hall tower 02 Main town hall 03 Houses on long market square 04 Main town hall 05 Houses on long market square 06 Artus Court Junkerhof
07 Houses on long market square 08 Houses on long market square 09 Dluga pedestrian area 10 Houses on Dluga 11 Long market square
12 Dluga pedestrian area 13 Dluga pedestrian area 14 Dluga pedestrian area 15 Green gate 16 Artus Court Junkerhof 17 Artus Court and Neptune fountain
18 House facades on long market 19 Dluga pedestrian area 20 Dluga pedestrian area 21 Town hall tower 22 Town hall tower 23 Town hall tower
24 Town hall tower 25 Town hall tower 26 Town hall tower 27 Main town hall 28 Neptune fountain 29 Artus Court Junkerhof
30 Speymann house 31 Main town hall 32 Main town hall 33 Long market square 34 Green gate at night 35 View of long market through green gate
36 View of long market through green gate 37 Long market square 38 Main town hall 39 Main town hall
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