The Amber Museum in Gdańsk was established in the year 2006 and documents the history of amber mining in Poland. The exhibition halls cover an area of 439 m². The exhibits consist of 2000 specimens of natural amber, 675 contemporary works of art and amber products and seven antique amber items.
01 Amber museum 02 Entrance hall with ticket counter 03 Entrance hall with ticket counter 04 Entrance hall with ticket counter 05 Raw pieces of amber
06 Amber pieces 07 Orange amber stones 08 Raw piece of amber 09 Raw piece of amber 10 Amber museum
11 Amber altar with Madonna 12 Amber candle holder 13 Amber chessboard 14 Amber chess pieces 15 Amber cabinet
16 Amber jewelry box 17 Amber jug 18 Amber jug 19 Showcase with amber items 20 Amber disk
21 Amber plate 22 Amber museum interior+
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