The historic core of Gdansk is quite large, extending for several hundred metres north and south of St Mary's church. It contains a number of churches and other buildings in brick architecture. The Old Arsenal building by Antonius van Opbergen was built at the beginning of the 17th century in Dutch architecture.
01 Half-timbered house 02 St John church 03 St John church 04 St John church 05 Goldwasser restaurant 06 Chlebnicka street at night
07 Stepped gable facade 08 House facades 09 Tkacka pedestrian area 10 Old Arsenal building 11 Old Arsenal building
12 Old Arsenal building 13 Old Arsenal building 14 Old Arsenal building 15 House of the Pelplin abbots 16 Internal security agency brick house 17 Remains of the Little Tower
18 Gdansk Shakespeare theatre 19 Remains of the Little Tower 20 Gdansk skyline
21 Coins house on Szeroka street 22 Four Quarters fountain 23 Four Quarters fountain 24 Brick house facade 25 Four Quarters fountain
26 Fruit stall 27 National bank of Poland 28 Pod Basztami restaurant 29 Podmurze street
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