Immediately outside the historic core there is a large and modern shopping mall, the Forum Gdansk. Clean and nicely set up, it's possible to spend hours shopping around or eating in the food court. The mall was built on the remains of the historic hay and crayfish markets. The 14th-century Radunia canal flows through the shopping centre. The mall has a quite large food court with a very good choice of dishes.
01 Forum Gdansk shopping mall 02 Mall interior 03 Mall interior with Radunia canal 04 Mall interior
05 Big hall with Radunia canal 06 Forum Gdansk mall 07 Forum Gdansk shopping mall
08 Corridor with decorations 09 Corridor with decorations 10 Radunia canal 11 Radunia canal 12 Big hall with Radunia canal
13 Radunia canal 14 Forum Gdansk mall 15 Forum Gdansk shopping mall
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