St. Mary's church is a Brick Gothic Catholic church in the historic centre of Gdansk. With a volume of 190000 m³ it is one of the largest brick churches in the world. The current structure was built on the site of an earlier church between 1379 and 1485, based on a design of Danzig architect Heinrich Ungeradin. The church was heavily damaged during World War II and restaurated after that.
01 Church gable with clock 02 Church gable details 03 Church gable details 04 Church tower 05 Church tower 06 View fromm Piwna street
07 St Mary chruch tower 08 Church tower 09 Church gable with clock 10 St Mary church
11 St Mary church 12 Church gable with clock 13 Tall windows 14 St Mary church
15 St Mary church 16 Church tower 17 Tall windows 18 Tower 19 Church tower
20 Western portal 21 Church tower 22 Central aisle and altar 23 Valentin von WInter memorial 24 Altar 25 Epitaph of Georg Wildtberger
26 Astronomical clock 27 Altar 28 Church interior 29 Church interior
30 Pipe organ
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