Teluk Intan is a small town in Malaysia's Perak state, about two hours north of KL. It lies at the junction of Sungai Perak and Sungai Bidor rivers. Its main tourist attraction is the leaning clock tower (jam besar), which was built in 1885 by a mourning Chinese merchant as a memorial to his wife.
01 North South motorway 02 Sunset on Sungai Perak 03 Leaning tower 04 Leaning tower 05 Leaning tower 06 Leaning tower
07 Leaning tower 08 Chinese restaurant 09 Noodles with pork and wantan 10 Teluk Intan market 11 Teluk Intan market
12 Teluk Intan market 13 Fruits 14 Fruits 15 Jambu Air fruits 16 Jambu Air fruits
17 Ciku 18 Tree 19 Shops and cars 20 Shops and cars 21 Pavement and shops
22 Arches and pavement 23 Shops and cars 24 Grey house 25 Japanese restaurant
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