Kuala Kangsar is a royal town in Perak where the Sultans of Perak officially have been residing since the 18th century. It is a quite small place with just 39000 inhabitants. Its main attraction is the Ubudiah mosque, probably the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia. The mosque was completed in Moorish style in 1917 and has golden domes. Near the mosque lies the Istana Iskandariah, the royal palace of the sultans of Perak. Istana Iskandariah was completed in 1933 and has onion shaped golden domes. Adjacent to the palace is the Royal Perak Museum (Muzium Diraja Perak), built in 1926 in Moorish architecture.
01 Ubudiah mosque - golden dome and minarets 02 Ubudiah mosque 03 Ubudiah mosque 04 Ubudiah mosque - golden dome and minarets 05 Ubudiah mosque
06 Ubudiah mosque - golden dome and minarets 07 Ubudiah mosque 08 Ubudiah mosque 09 Ubudiah mosque - golden dome and minarets 10 Ubudiah mosque
11 Ubudiah mosque gate 12 Ubudiah mosque gate 13 Istana Iskandariah royal palace 14 Istana Iskandariah royal palace 15 Istana Iskandariah golden dome
16 Istana Iskandariah golden dome 17 Istana Iskandariah golden domes 18 Istana Iskandariah royal palace 19 Road to royal palace 20 Park surrounding the royal palace
21 Royal Perak museum 22 Royal Perak museum 23 Royal Perak museum 24 Royal Perak museum 25 Royal Perak museum
26 Royal Perak museum 27 Shophouses 28 Square with clocktower 29 Clocktower
30 City centre 31 City centre 32 White arches
33 White arches
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