Ipoh is the capital of the state of Perak and Malaysia's third largest city. Ipoh was a small village until the mid-19th century when tin mining generated a boom which transformed Ipoh into a major city. Ipoh is surrounded by a landscape with many limestone rock formations and caves. The city has a number of colonial era buildings, but is overall not too interesting. The main tourist attractions lie near Ipoh: several richly decorated cave temples, Kellie's castle. Ipoh is known for its culinary specialities.
01 Cooks preparing chicken rice 02 Boiled chicken 03 Chicken wings, legs and livers 04 Chicken rice restaurant
05 Ipoh train station and hotel 06 Ipoh train station and hotel 07 Ipoh city hall 08 St Michael's institution
09 Masjid India mosque 10 House row across Padang field 11 House row across Padang field 12 Sungai Kinta river
13 Shops on Sultan Idris Shah street 14 Sultan Idris Shah street 15 Shophouses on Sultan Idris Shah street 16 Five-foot covered walkway
17 Old shophouse facade 18 Old shophouses 19 Fast food restaurant 20 Ipoh Parade shopping mall 21 Ipoh Parade shopping mall
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