A few km southwest of Georgetown lies the Kek Lok Si Chinese Buddhist temple. It is actually more than just a temple - Kek Lok Si is a complex of several buildings extending spread over 12 hectares on the side of a hill. Kek Lok Si is not just a beautiful temple and major tourist attraction, it is also a major worship centre and the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. Construction of the temple started in 1890 with funds provided by the wealthy Chinese merchants community of Pinang.
01 Kek Lok Si temple 02 Kek Lok Si temple 03 Kek Lok Si temple 04 Ordination Hall
05 Pagoda of 10000 Buddhas 06 Arch 07 Pagoda of 10000 Buddhas 08 Pagoda of 10000 Buddhas 09 Red prayer papers 10 Altar with flowers
11 Altar with flowers 12 Altar with flowers 13 Golden Buddha statue 14 Woman praying to Buddha 15 Prayer hall
16 Golden Buddha statue 17 Altar with food offerings 18 Golden Buddha statue 19 Couple praying to Buddha 20 Couple praying to Buddha 21 Golden Buddha statue
22 Couple praying to Buddha 23 Flowers 24 Golden Buddha statue 25 Red cushion 26 Colourful glass vases 27 Colourful glass vases
28 Colourful glass vases 29 Pavilion 30 Turtle pond 31 Turtle pond 32 Turtle pond
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