A selection of pictures of Bario, the major settlement in the Kelabit highlands of central Borneo. Bario can only be reached by plane, as there are no roads leading there and no river nearby. Lying 1000m above sea level Bario enjoys a fresh climate and attracts tourists who come here to do treks and enjoy the unspoilt environment.
Bario is a major rice production centre, and the valley is literally filled with rice fields. The Bario rice is of excellent quality.
01 Sarawak mountains and logging road 02 Sarawak mountains 03 Bario Airport 04 MAS Twin Otter in Bario airport
05 Downtown Bario and shops 06 Bario Telecommunications Centre 07 Water buffalo 08 Water buffalo with baby
09 Grass 10 Grass 11 Grass 12 House 13 Government building
14 Path 15 Water buffaloes grazing on a meadow 16 Water buffaloes grazing on a meadow 17 Water buffalo and baby buffalo 18 Runnel
19 Meadow and water buffaloes 20 Houses 21 Longhouse
22 Path 23 House and rice paddy 24 Hut 25 Path to Pa Umor longhouse 26 Path to Pa Umor longhouse
27 Forest 28 Pond 29 Christian church 30 Pa Umor longhouse 31 Pa Umor longhouse
32 Pa Umor longhouse 33 Path to Pa Ukat longhouse 34 Path to Pa Ukat longhouse 35 Path and gate to Pa Ukat longhouse
36 Pa Ukat longhouse 37 Evangelical church in Pa Ukat
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