A selection of pictures of people living in the Kelabit highlands. The Kelabits, who were first "discovered" at the beginning of the 20th century, used to be a tribe of fierce warriors and headhunters. The Kelabits used to wear heavy earrings which had the effect of extending the ear lobes - they are called long ear people for that. After christianisation somewhere in the 1960s people stopped wearing the heavy earrings, which is why nowadays only the old people still have long ears.
Other people who live in the Kelabit highland are the Penan and the Keniah.
01 Old Kelabit man 02 Old Kelabit man 03 Old Kelabit woman with long ears 04 Old Kelabit woman with long ears 05 Old Kelabit woman with long ears 06 Old Kelabit man with sunglasses
07 Jaman Riboh 08 Kelabit girl 09 Indonesian trekkers 10 Indonesian trekkers 11 Young Kelabit woman with baby girl 12 Old Kelabit lady
13 Old Kelabit lady with baby girl 14 Old kelabit lady 15 Kelabit tribesman with buffalo 16 Kelabit tribesman with buffalo
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