Some pictures of the vegetation in the Kelabit highlands. Despite the high altitude (1000m) the terrain is full of sand and the vegetation is kind of a mix of the one found in the Bako National park (near Kuching, at sea level) and the one of the Mt Kinabalu national park in Sabah. There are for instance pitcher plants everywhere and rhododendron plants.
01 Lotus flowers 02 Fern 03 Bamboo 04 Plant 05 Flower
06 Fern 07 Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 08 Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 09 Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 10 Swamp with plants
11 Flowers 12 Plant 13 Bush with flowers 14 Bush with flowers 15 Swamp with plants
16 Plant 17 Plant 18 Plant 19 Pandanus plant 20 Pandanus plant 21 Papaya plant
22 Rhododendron 23 Fern 24 Plant 25 Flowers
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