The Bako national park has more than 30 km of well marked trails, ranging from short walks around the park headquarters in Telok Assam to tiring, day-long trails to the end of the peninsula. The scenery in the park is characterised by a drier area in the interior of the peninsula (the kerangas) with rocks and a sandy ground, and a coastline marked by steep cliffs with tropical rainforest in between.
01 Forest trail with tree roots 02 Sandstone and sand 03 Sandstone plateau 04 Jalan Lintang trail 05 Jalan Tajor trail 06 Tajor waterfall
07 Walkway 08 Telok Pandan Besar bay 09 Telok Pandan Besar bay 10 Sandstone cliff and jungle 11 Keranga plateau
12 Keranga plateau 13 Walkway 14 Sandstone rock and trees 15 Sandstone rocks and beach 16 Sandstone rocks and beach 17 Bear head rock
18 Sandstone rocks and beach 19 Sandstone rocks and jungle 20 Telok Sapi beach 21 Bear head rock
22 Beach with trees
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