Some pictures of Kampong Bako, the village along the Bako river where the boat for the Bako NP leaves. The coastline of the Bako national park is fringed by mangroves and indented by sandstone rock formations, among which clean beaches are to be found.
01 Bako river and village 02 Bako river and village 03 Bako river and village 04 Mangroves along Bako river
05 Mangroves along Bako river 06 Coast 07 Sandstone cliffs along the coast 08 Sandstone cliffs along the coast 09 Sandstone rock and sea
10 Mangroves 11 Mangroves 12 View of bay with mangroves
13 Telok Assam beach 14 Sandstone rock and sea 15 Telok Sapi bay and sandstone cliffs
16 Sunset
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