Bako National Park is unique with its amazing variety of flora, fauna and formations - sandstone cliffs, secluded bays, rain forest, mangroves, bushland, pitcher plants, proboscis monkeys and macaques. The Park is well established, having been a protected area since 1957, so the animals have grown accustomed to visitors. Furthermore, you do not have to go deep in the forest for a wildlife encounter. Telok Assam, the area around the HQ, is one of the best places in the park for a viewing a range of species.
The kerangas, a low sandstone plateau behind Telok Assam, is a fascinating ecosystem where pitcher plants are common.
01 Plants 02 Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 03 Dicranopteris linearis ferns 04 Grass 05 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant)
06 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 07 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 08 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 09 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 10 Plant 11 Nepenthes (Pitcher plant)
12 Plant 13 Plant 14 Borneo bearded pig 15 Butterfly 16 Dipterocarp tree
17 Proboscis monkey 18 Dragonfly 19 Bamboo with thorns 20 Germinating nut 21 Cerbera odollam nut tree
22 Silver leaf monkeys 23 Silver leaf monkeys 24 Silver leaf monkeys 25 Silver leaf monkey 26 Silver leaf monkey
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