The Taliwas River Conservation Area is a class 1 (protection) forest reserve located 36km west of Lahad Datu. It lies along the road to the Danum valley and covers an area of 9546 hectares of lowland rainforest. The forest is not primary, having been logged in the past, but has been regenerating since 1970. Because of this and because the Taliwas reserve is not as remote as the Danum valley, the wildlife in the Taliwas reserve is not as rich and varied as that in the Danum valley.
The Taliwas reserve is managed by the Sabah Foundation (Yayasan Sabah) and is more of a recreational place than an area for scientific research. The reserve can be visited on a day trip or with an overnight stay. Bookings can be arranged with the Sabah Foundation.
How to get to the Taliwas river conservation area
It's possible to drive to the reserve with a sedan car directly from Lahad Datu (although a permission is needed to pass the checkpoint). Approximately the last 20 km before the reserve are a dirt track.
There is a camping ground and also chalets with fan (A/C power between 5 pm and 11 pm).
01 Headquarter 02 Ferns 03 Ferns
04 Pond 05 Pond 06 Pond
07 Ferns along pond 08 Cyperus sedge plant 09 Forest trail 10 Forest trail 11 Pond
12 Pandanus palm 13 Pandanus palm fruit 14 Pandanus palm fruit 15 Pandanus palms 16 Forest stream
17 Grifola mushroom 18 Dipterocarp tree 19 Dipterocarp tree 20 Forest trail 21 Forest stream
22 Giant pill millipede 23 Giant pill millipede 24 Forest stream 25 Forest stream 26 Forest stream
27 White mushrooms 28 Forest stream 29 Wooden bridge 30 Huntsman spider 31 Blue tarantula
32 Blue tarantula 33 Meristogenys frog 34 Meristogenys frog 35 Meristogenys frog 36 Meristogenys frog
37 Snail 38 Snail 39 Snail 40 Odorrana hosii Hose frog
41 Meristogenys frog 42 Leiobunum 43 Malaysian blue flycatcher bird 44 Forest trail 45 Forest trail
46 Pycnoporus Coccineus mushrooms 47 Waterfall 48 Waterfall 49 Waterfall 50 Waterfall 51 Rainforest
52 Fern leaf with seeds 53 Forest road to Danum valley 54 Forest road to Danum valley 55 Headquarter 56 Headquarter area
57 Tree
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