The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is located in Sepilok (Sabah), next to the orang utan rehabilitation centre. It covers a rainforest area of 2.5 ha in which sun bears can roam within an enclosure. It seems that the sun bears cannot just freely roam in the rainforest, as is the case with the orang utan rehabilitation centre, where the orang utans are free to go anywhere in the rainforest, but return to the centre for feeding. The sun bear centre seems to be a place where sun bears are collected and taken care of, and can lead a semi-wild life in a natural environment.
The centre consists of a visitor centre with an administrative building, exhibits and information area. Visitors pay a fee of RM 50 (Malaysians only RM 10) and can then walk to some elevated platforms from which to observe the sun bears below. The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre had 33 sun bears in 2014 (probably more now), but at the time of visiting only 5 sun bears were visible walking in the enclosure area below.
How to get to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
It's possible to get to Sepilok by taking a taxi or bus in Sandakan, or by booking a tour. The closest airport is the one in Sandakan.
There are a few hotels in Sepilok and more in Sandakan, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Sepilok jungle resort pond 02 Pond 03 Fruits of Caryota palm tree 04 Sepilok gate 05 Tourists watching information video
06 Bornean sun bear 07 Malayan sun bear 08 Bornean sunbear 09 Malayan sun bear
10 Viewing platform 11 Bornean sun bear 12 Malayan sun bear 13 Bornean sun bear
14 Malayan sun bear 15 Bornean sun bear 16 Bornean sun bear 17 Bornean sun bear
18 Bornean sun bear 19 Bornean sun bear 20 Fenced compound 21 Rainforest treetops
22 Wooden platform 23 Administrative building 24 Rainforest treetops 25 Rainforest treetops
26 Sepilok parking
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