The 438 kmĀ² Danum Valley conservation area (DVCA) is a class I forest reserve located on the western side of the upper reaches of the Segama River in southeast Sabah. It is the largest remaining area of primary rainforest in Sabah. Due to its remoteness and limited human presence it has a high level of biodiversity.
The Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC) is a scientific facility located on the edge of the Danum Valley conservation area, on the banks of the Segama river. The field centre is open for tourists, offering a range of packages which include accomodation, meals and guided visit of the forest reserve.
Near the facilities there is a (permanent) population of gibbons, red leaf monkeys, Sambar deers and other animals. With the help of a guide it is relatively easy to spot a number of animals. The photos shown in this gallery were taken during a two night stay at the Danum valley field centre, during a series of both daytime and nighttime forest walks. At night, if the sky is clear and the moon is shining, the views are amazing, a bit like the forests of Avatar's Pandora at night.
How to get to the Danum Valley Field Centre
To get to the Danum Valley Field Centre you either book a tour with a travel agency or arrange your stay directly with the Sabah Foundation (Yayasan Sabah) in Kota Kinabalu. The second option is much cheaper. Transportation to and from the DVFC starts and ends in Lahad Datu, about 80km from the DVFC.
The Danum Valley Field Centre has both individual rooms and large, 40 bed dormitories. The restaurant serves three meals per day, all buffet style and with good, tasty food.
01 Road to Danum valley 02 Road to Danum valley 03 4WD car pulling minibus 04 4WD car pulling minibus 05 Treetops
06 Road to Danum valley 07 Borneo pygmy elephants 08 Borneo pygmy elephants
09 Tourist hostel 10 Tourist hostel
11 Resthouse and 4WD cars 12 Segama river and rainforest 13 Segama river and rainforest 14 Segama river and rainforest 15 Sambar deer
16 Sambar deer 17 Borneo eared frog 18 Polypedates otilophus 19 Black beetle
20 Leaf katydid insect 21 Stick insect 22 Stick insect 23 Frog
24 Frog 25 Mimetised huntsman spider 26 Diadem leaf-nosed bat 27 Blue tarantula spider
28 Blue tarantula spider 29 Huntsman spider 30 Borneo eared tree frog 31 Segama river and rainforest 32 Segama river and rainforest
33 Segama river and rainforest 34 Tree leaves 35 Cafeteria 36 Red leaf monkey 37 Red leaf monkey
38 Red leaf monkey 39 Red leaf monkey 40 Red leaf monkey 41 Trametes versicolor mushrooms 42 Rainforest trail
43 Rainforest trail 44 Rainforest trail 45 Yellow leaves 46 Eastern grey gibbon 47 Female eastern grey gibbon
48 Female eastern grey gibbon 49 Eastern grey gibbon shouting 50 Eastern grey gibbon shouting 51 Eastern grey gibbon
52 Eastern grey gibbon 53 Segama river and rainforest 54 Treetops 55 Treetops
56 Rainforest during the rain 57 Trees 58 Rainforest 59 Suspension bridge 60 Female whiskered treeswift bird
61 Female whiskered treeswift bird 62 Female whiskered treeswift bird 63 Danum valley 64 Tall tree
65 Tall tree 66 Red leaf monkey 67 Red leaf monkey 68 Red leaf monkey 69 Danum valley road 70 Danum valley road
71 Danum valley road 72 Danum valley road 73 Danum valley road 74 Road to Danum valley 75 Road to Danum valley
76 Danum valley 77 Treetop 78 Tall trees 79 Red leaf monkeys 80 Red leaf monkeys 81 Tarsier
82 Crested fireback forest pheasant 83 Wallace flying frog 84 Wallace flying frog 85 Wallace flying frog
86 Mouse deer 87 Mouse deer 88 Slow loris 89 Sunda flying lemur 90 Sunda flying lemur
91 Sunda flying lemur 92 Slow loris 93 Slow loris 94 Slow loris
95 Slow loris 96 Moon 97 Borneo anglehead lizard 98 Red leaf monkey
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