The Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre is a patch of 24 hectares of coastal mangrove forest located at the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, a few km to the northeast of the city. It was designated as a bird sanctuary in 1996 and gazetted as a state cultural heritage site in 1998. The Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre is a refuge for a large number of bird species. The site is open for tourists who can explore it walking on a 1.5km wooden plankway. Inside the site there is a bird hide and a look out tower.
01 KK Wetland centre entrance 02 Pond with water lilies 03 Clerodendranthus Spicatus white flower 04 Wooden path
05 Water channel 06 Tropical rainforest 07 Tropical rainforest 08 Wooden path 09 Rainforest canopy
10 Rainforest canopy 11 Rainforest canopy 12 Rainforest canopy 13 Mangroves on swamp
14 Mangroves on swamp 15 Mangroves on swamp
16 Mangroves on swamp 17 Mangrove roots 18 Mangroves on swamp
19 Mangroves on swamp 20 Mangroves on swamp 21 Shells in the mud 22 White herons
23 White herons 24 White herons 25 Heron 26 Crab
27 Treetops 28 Treetops 29 View from the platform 30 Treetops 31 Wooden path
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