Pom Pom is a small Malaysian island in the Celebes sea, located 30km east of Semporna. Pom Pom is relatively flat, measures 600m x 900m, is bordered by white sand beaches and is surrounded by crystal clear sea waters. The only available Accommodation is a big high-end resort with its own dive centre. For non-resort guests, Pom Pom is accessible by boat from Semporna (45 minutes by speedboat). It is for instance possible to take a daytrip with one of the dive operators in Semporna. The beaches on Pom Pom are very nice, but the seawater is quite shallow. At low tide it is impossible to swim on the eastern side of Pom Pom due to the coral rocks (rubber shoes would be necessary to walk through the corals to reach deeper waters).
01 Pom Pom island
02 Pom Pom island 03 Speedboat on beach and tree trunk 04 Resort bungalows
05 Wooden pier 06 White coral sand beach
07 Panoramic view of beach 08 White coral sand beach 09 Crystal clear seawater
10 Tropical beach and tree trunk 11 Panoramic view of beach 12 Panoramic view of beach
13 White coral sand beach 14 Tree in the sea 15 Sea, sky and clouds 16 White coral sand beach
17 Pandanus tectorius beach vegetation 18 Pandanus tectorius fruit 19 Beautiful beach
20 Panoramic view of beach 21 Coral rocks at low tide 22 Coral rocks at low tide
23 Pandanus tectorius beach vegetation 24 Coral rocks at low tide 25 Dead tree on beach 26 Shallow sea waters
27 Panoramic view of beach 28 Coral rocks at low tide 29 Diving centre
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