45 minutes by boat from Semporna in the Celebes sea. Sibuan is a dream of an island, a long and narrow strip with vegetation in the middle (forest, coconut palms) and long sandy strips at both ends. On the island there is a small village of sea gipsies, stateless people with no nationality, as well as a military base at the northern end of the island. There is no Accommodation on the island, all visitors arrive by boat on day trips. Sibuan is a popular destination for scuba divers who come here for diving in the azure blue waters.
Sibuan island photo gallery  - 30 pictures of Sibuan island
Sea gipsies photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Sea gipsies
Scuba diving photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Scuba diving
30 photos of the island of Sibuan with its beautiful beaches and stunning setting in the south Celebes sea
10 photos of the sea gipsies living in Sibuan island and of their village
11 photos of scuba divers and diving boats around Sibuan island
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