Maiga is a small island in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, located 16km north of Semporna. It is a flat sandy cay, measuring 800 metres from north to south and 300 metres at its widest. The maximum elevation probably is 1-2 metres. Maiga is covered by some coconut palms and has nice beaches. At the southern tip and along the west coast there is a settlement of Bajau, sea gipsies from the Sulu sea. There are no water sources on the island, so probably the inhabitants get the water they need from the nearby Bodgaya island.
01 Beach and huts 02 Maiga island 03 Stilt house settlement
04 Beach and huts 05 Beach and huts 06 Coconut palm 07 Palm leaves hut on beach
08 Palm leaves hut on beach 09 Chuldren running on the beach 10 Stilt houses in the shallow water
11 Stilt houses in the shallow water 12 Stilt houses and boat 13 Coconut palms in the centre of Maiga
14 Rubbish on the beach 15 Rubbish on the beach 16 Beach with coconut palm trees 17 Kate and the kids
18 Bajau sea gipsy boy 19 Bajau sea gipsy boy 20 Island kids 21 Kate and the kids
22 Kate and the kids 23 Kate and the kids
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