The island of Bohey Dulang is located 23km northwest of Semporna in the Sulu sea, within the Tun Sakaran Marine Park. Bohey Dulang is of volcanic origin and is mostly mountaineous. It is surrounded by a coral reef and crystal clear seawaters. Bohey Dulang has beaches on its western and eastern sides. On the western side of the island there is a jetty which leads to some buildings dedicated to marine biology research. A small path leads to a viewpoint on top of the island (about 200m above the sea level) with nice views of the nearby islands. Together with Bodgaya, Bohey Dulang probably is what is left of the rim of a collapsed volcano.
01 Bohey Dulang island 02 Plankway to Bohey Dulang island 03 Panoramic view with Bodgaya island
04 Coral reef 05 Jetty and administration buildings 06 Panoramic view from the island top
07 Beach and coral reef 08 Beach 09 Bohey Dulang island
10 Bay with crystal clear seawater 11 Bohey Dulang island 12 Bohey Dulang island 13 Coconut palms growing along coast
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