Ratenggaro is probably the most scenic village in Sumba. It consists of a number of houses built in traditional Sumbanese style, with peaked and thatched roofs, surrounding a central square with megalithic tombs. The village is overlooking a bay over the Sungai Rateboya river with a nice sandy beach. Since a fire has been reported in 2012, it's likely that the current houses were rebuilt after that with traditional materials. Ratenggaro lies at the western end of Sumba on the southern coast.
01 Peaked roof houses 02 Peaked roof houses 03 Stone tombs and peaked roof houses
04 Ratenggaro 05 House interior
06 Beach 07 Beach
08 Sungai Rateboya river 09 Ratenggaro village
10 Ratenggaro 11 Sumbanese houses in Ratenggaro 12 Sumbanese houses in Ratenggaro
13 Thatched roofs 14 Thatched roof 15 Ratenggaro 16 Bamboo house interior 17 Bamboo house interior
18 Stone tombs 19 Stone tombs 20 Ratenggaro beach
21 Ratenggaro beach 22 Stone monument 23 Ratenggaro village 24 Ratenggaro village
25 Ratenggaro village 26 Ratenggaro beach
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