Sumba is a relatively flat and dry island. The south of the island receives more rain than the north and is therefore more green and forested, while the north has to a large extent savannah-like landscapes. Rice is cultivated even in the dry season in southern Sumba. A characteristic feature of Sumba is the presence of sharp coral rocks along the coast.
01 Rocky coast in southern Sumba 02 Coral rock in southern Sumba 03 Water pools on rocks 04 Black cliffs in west Sumba 05 Tree alley
06 Tree alley 07 Tambolaka valley
08 Tambolaka valley 09 Road to Waikabukak
10 Treetops 11 Road to Waikabukak 12 Hills south of Waikabukak
13 Rice fields 14 Rice fields 15 Water buffaloes on road
16 Paddy field 17 Southern coast beach 18 Paddy field
19 Rice fields 20 Rice paddy 21 Rice fields
22 Southern coast panorama
23 Southern coast valley
24 Southern coast panorama 25 Central Sumba hills
26 Dry northern Sumba hills 27 Road to northern coast 28 Road to northern coast
29 Memboro area in northern Sumba 30 Memboro area in northern Sumba
31 People harvesting seafood in shallow water
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