The Weekiry (or Waikiry or Waikury) lagoon or lake is a saltwater lagoon located at the westernmost tip of Sumba. The lagoon is elliptic and is about 300m long and 100m wide. It's quite shallow with a sandy and rocky ground. The lagoon is connected to the sea by a channel through the black rocks. The Weekiry lagoon is reachable by driving on dirt roads. Getting here from Tambolaka takes 1:20 hours.
01 Weekury lagoon 02 Rocky grund 03 Weekury lake 04 Waikury lagoon
05 Water in Waikury lake 06 Weekury lake 07 Weekury lagoon 08 Cliffs around Waikury lagoon
09 Weekury lagoon 10 Waikury lagoon 11 Waikury lagoon 12 Sea urchins
13 Waikury lagoon 14 People in Weekury lagoon 15 Weekury lake 16 Waikury lagoon
17 Waikury lake
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