The Aegean period lasted from about 3000-1450BC. The Cycladic culture is an early Bronze Age culture of the Cyclade islands in the Aegean sea, existing between approximately 3000-2000 BC. It was increasingly submerged the rising influence of the Minoan civilisation, centered on Crete, which lasted from 2700-1450BC. The Minoans were primarily a mercantile people engaged in trade with other civilisations. Their civilisation came to an end, when they were invaded by the Mycenaeans from mainland Greece around 1400BC. Another factor for the decline of the Minoan civilisation was the Theran eruption which destroyed the Minoan fleet and ports.
01 Faience models of sacral knots - Minoan culture 02 Beak-spouted jug - Late Helladic period 03 Jewellery - Late Helladic period 04 Marble statue of man playing instrument - Cycladic period 05 Female marble statue - Cycladic period 06 Frying pan vessels - Cycladic period
07 Marble female figurines with folded arms - Cycladic period 08 Bronze daggers and spear heads - Cycladic period 09 Marble statue of Kouros - Cycladic period 10 Marble statue of Kore - Cycladic period 11 Marble statue of Kouros - Cycladic period 12 Antelopes fresco - Minoan culture
13 Boxing children fresco - Minoan culture 14 Akrotiri Thera spring fresco - Minoan culture 15 Storage jar from Knossos palace - Minoan culture
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