This gallery contains a number of photos taken in and around Athens. Central Athens contains a mix of modern and old architecture and is clean and well organised. There is a good and efficient public transportation system consisting of buses, trams and underground. The National Museum hosts a huge collection of archaeological items.
01 National museum 02 National museum 03 National museum bronze statues 04 Moschato tram stop
05 Tram carriage 06 Parliament and Syntagma square 07 Hotels on Syntagma square 08 Syntagma square 09 Syntagma square
10 Bus at bus stop 11 Mitropoleos square 12 Omonoia square
13 Omonoia square 14 Pigeon
15 Pigeons 16 The eldest cemetery in Athens 17 The eldest cemetery in Athens 18 The eldest cemetery in Athens
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