The Roman period starts in 146BC, when Macedonia officially became a Roman province and extends to 324AD when the Roman empire was divided into eastern and western halves and the Byzantine period begins. While the Roman conquered Greece, the Greek culture in turn would conquer Roman life.
01 Sarcophagus 02 Bust of Antinoos 03 Bronze statue of emperor Augustus 04 Marble statues of Aphrodite, Pan and Eros 05 Head of marble statue of Zeus 06 Marble theatre mask
07 Bronze head of boxer 08 Bronze statue of Paris 09 Marble grave stele 10 Marble statue of Aphrodite 11 Marble statue of Aphrodite 12 Marble grave stele
13 Thermopylae arrowheads and spearheads 14 Pitchers 15 Bronze statue of shepherd 16 Head of griffin 17 Tripod stand with Athena, Hermes and Heracles figures 18 Marble statue of Asclepius
19 Marble Hermes head
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