The Plaka is the pictoresque historical centre of Athens lying under the Acropolis. It consists of a maze of narrow alleys with buildings in neoclassical architecture. This is the tourist centre of Athens with a multitude of souvenir shops, cafés and restaurants.
01 Pedestrian area with shops 02 Pedestrian area with shops 03 Paintings for sale 04 Pedestrian area with shops 05 Dried fruits for sale 06 Souvenir shop
07 Pedestrian area with shops 08 Restaurant on alley at night 09 Restaurant on alley at night 10 Akamantos cafe 11 Akamantos cafe 12 Akamantos cafe
13 Cafe tables and chairs 14 Apostolou Pavlou street 15 Apostolou Pavlou street 16 Monastiraki square 17 Monastiraki square
18 Cafe restaurant at night 19 Cafe restaurant at night
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