The small city of Kazbegi (also known as Stepantsminda or სტეფანწმინდა in Georgian) lies along the Georgian military highway at an altitude of 1740m in the Caucasus mountains, not far from the border to Russia. The city is famous for the nearby Gergeti Trinity church (წმინდა სამება - Tsminda Sameba in Georgian), which lies on a nearby hilltop at 2200m. This is a 14th century Georgian Orthodox church in a very scenic setting among the mountains. To get to the church visitors either take a taxi in Kazbegi and drive on a 6km mountain dirt track, or simply walk to the church from Kazbegi along a steep path. This can be covered in about 40 minutes. From the church there are views of Mt Kazbek, a 5047m high dormant volcano and the 4451m high Mt Shani.
Gudauri is a ski resort between Tbilisi and Kazbegi, located at an altitude of 2200m (skilifts leading up to 3007m). The skiing area has 57km of ski runs and 7 lifts. The skiing season lasts from December until April.
The Russia–Georgia Friendship monument or Treaty of Georgievsk Monument was built in 1983 to celebrate the bicentennial of the Treaty of Georgievsk. It is an open cylinder with wall paintings on the interior side.
Accommodation in Kazbegi: Being a major tourist centre, Kazbegi has a number of hotels and guesthouses. In Gudauri there are many hotels, apartments and cottages.
How to get to Kazbegi: Kazbegi is 154km north of Tbilisi along the Georgian military highway (about three hours by car). It can be done as a daytrip from Tbilisi, either by renting a car, going by taxi or with a tour. It's advisable however to spend at least one night in Kazbegi.
01 Petrol station 02 Parking near friendship monument 03 Georgia Russia friendship monument 04 Georgia Russia friendship monument
05 Georgia Russia friendship monument 06 Georgia Russia friendship monument 07 Georgia Russia friendship monument 08 Caucasus river valley
09 Creek 10 Caucasus mountains 11 Snow covered Caucasus mountains 12 Gudauri 13 Waterfall
14 Gudauri 15 Path to Trinity church 16 Path to Trinity church 17 Gergeti Trinity church 18 Clock tower
19 Stepanzminda valley 20 Kazbegi 21 Gergeti Trinity church
22 Trinity church of Gergeti 23 Gergeti Trinity church 24 Trinity church of Gergeti 25 Gergeti Trinity church
26 Trinity church of Gergeti 27 Tsminda Sameba church 28 Gergeti Trinity church
29 Road to Trinity church 30 Gergeti Trinity church 31 Mt Shani
32 Mt Shani 33 Gergeti Trinity church 34 Tsminda Sameba church 35 Trinity church of Gergeti 36 Gergeti Trinity church
37 Mount Kazbek 38 Mount Kazbek 39 Stone cross 40 Mount Shani
41 Mount Shani 42 Kazbegi 43 Restaurant in Kazbegi 44 Gergeti Trinity church at night 45 Mount Shani
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